Frequently Asked Questions


What is UtilityMix?

UtilityMix is a comprehensive utility management software designed for freeholders, asset managers, and letting agents to efficiently handle utility services in residential and commercial properties

How does UtilityMix benefit freeholders?

UtilityMix streamlines utility management for freeholders, offering tools for tracking, analysing, and managing utility usage, ensuring cost-effective and efficient management.

What features does UtilityMix offer for asset management?

UtilityMix provides asset managers with features such as real-time monitoring, budgeting, and reporting tools, enabling effective oversight and control over utility expenses in their portfolios.

Can UtilityMix integrate with existing accounting systems used by letting agents?

Yes, UtilityMix is designed with the ability to seamlessly integrate with various accounting systems commonly used by letting agents, ensuring a smooth workflow and accurate financial reporting.

How does UtilityMix assist letting agents in tenant billing?

Letting agents can use UtilityMix to automate tenant billing, generate transparent and accurate invoices based on actual utility usage, and easily communicate billing details to tenants.

Is UtilityMix compliant with regulatory requirements in the property management industry?

UtilityMix adheres to industry regulations and standards, providing users with a compliant utility management solution for their properties. However with an ever changing landscape it is always best to seek your own legal advice before commencing.

Can UtilityMix help in identifying energy-saving opportunities?

Absolutely. UtilityMix offers energy consumption analytics and recommendations, empowering users to identify areas for energy efficiency improvements and cost savings.

How user-friendly is UtilityMix for property management professionals?

UtilityMix is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it intuitive for property management professionals, whether they are freeholders, asset managers, or letting agents.

Does UtilityMix provide customer support for its users?

Yes, UtilityMix offers dedicated customer support to assist users with any inquiries, technical issues, or guidance needed for effective utilization of the software.

Is there a trial version available for UtilityMix?

Yes, UtilityMix offers a trial version, allowing freeholders, asset managers, and letting agents to experience the features and benefits of the software before making a commitment.

How does the payment system work within UtilityMix?

UtilityMix facilitates secure and convenient payments through its integrated system. Users can make payments for utility bills, and the system ensures transparency and accuracy in financial transactions.

Can users set up recurring payments for utility bills through UtilityMix?

Yes, UtilityMix supports recurring payments, allowing users to set up automated billing cycles for seamless and hassle-free transactions.

Are digital wallets supported for payments within UtilityMix?

Absolutely. UtilityMix accommodates digital wallets, providing users with automation and flexibility in payment options for their utility bills.

How does UtilityMix ensure the security of digital wallet transactions?

Utility Mix works with established and fully FCA compliant banking partners to ensure all funds are handled to the most stringent and security-compliant standards.

Can letting agents easily reconcile payments received from tenants using UtilityMix?

Yes, UtilityMix simplifies the reconciliation process for letting agents, providing detailed transaction histories and reports for accurate tracking and auditing of payments received.

What protection measures does UtilityMix have in place for user data and financial information?

UtilityMix prioritises the security of user data and financial information, implementing industry-standard security measures, encryption, and regular audits to ensure data protection.

Can property owners track payments and financial activities across multiple properties?

Yes, UtilityMix offers a consolidated view of payments and financial activities across multiple properties, providing property owners with a comprehensive overview of their portfolio.

Does UtilityMix provide alerts for overdue payments or potential payment issues?

Absolutely. UtilityMix includes automated alerts and notifications, helping users stay informed about overdue payments or potential issues, allowing for prompt resolution.

Can users view their payment history and invoices through UtilityMix?

Yes, users can easily access their payment history and invoices through the user portal within UtilityMix, promoting transparency and effective communication.

Is UtilityMix compliant with data protection regulations?

Yes, UtilityMix adheres to data protection regulations, ensuring compliance standards and safeguarding user information.

What is the management process for my account?

Each client is assigned a dedicated success manager who is devoted to assisting users throughout the contract period. Our success teams collaborate closely with clients to ensure that UtilityMix adds value and contributes to their overall success.


What is Trakk-IT?
Award Winning Customer Portal

Trakk-IT is S2S Group’s award-winning, bespoke IT Asset tracking customer portal, created specifically by S2S Group’s for its clients. The system records all aspects of the products and the process and allows S2S Groups clients to see exactly where their tracked assets are and provides a real-time report for you to view anywhere.

What security measures do you have in place to protect my data?

S2S Group: Accredited and Certified

S2S Group is fully accredited and has robust processes in place to control and record every aspect of handling your data with an audit trail.

All S2S Group staff are security cleared; this is an ongoing vetting process.

S2S Group’s facility has full CCTV coverage both internally and externally, the site is monitored 24 x 7 x 365 by an external security company.

S2S Group’s site is enclosed with security fencing around its perimeter, secure gated areas that only authorised personnel can access and access control for all doors within the facility to control the movements of personnel within the site. Only staff with approved access can get into certain areas of S2S Group’s site.

S2S Group is approved to destroy data to the Top Secret Level with the option of witness destruction on-site. All data erasure or destruction is fully certified, and you will receive documentation in line with GDPR and ADISA.

What paperwork will I receive?

This depends on what service/s your business requires, see the below table for details on what to expect:

Do you outsource any of your services?
Complete I.T. Solutions

S2S Group offers the full end to end solution for your business using its own in-house security cleared personnel.

On occasions when S2S Group is extremely busy, there is a list of approved partners for secure transport, this is always agreed upon by S2S Group customers prior to collection.

Some hazardous products may need additional specialist processing and S2S Group have a list of approved partners for those product types.

What does Zero directly to landfill mean?

S2S Group’s goal is to produce zero waste that goes directly into landfill. S2S Group does this by stripping old devices so that individual components can be recycled, and as many assets as possible can be refurbished and remarketed thus diverting as much waste as possible from being sent to landfill.

What is an asset report?
Asset Report

At the end of the process, you will be supplied with a comprehensive report which will show detailed information such as the make and model of the assets and what process they have been through, this will also show the end location for the product being tracked.

Will I be supplied with certification of recycling / destruction?
Complete Certification

Yes, all S2S Group services end with full certification of the process being sent to its clients, this includes recyclingdestruction, and data erasure certification.

After collection will it take for me to get my paperwork?
This varies on the services you require see SLA’s below:

Green (General Recycling) – processed and paperwork completed within 30 days
Yellow (Standard) processed and paperwork completed within 20 days
Red (High Security) Processed within 48 hours paperwork completed within 7 days
Blue (Remarketing / Resale) Processed and paperwork completed within 30 days

What size can you shred to?
Secure Data Shredding

S2S Group can shred products from 2mm to 25mm depending on your product type, data classification, and individual security requirements. Get in touch with a member of the team for more details.