Smart, smarter, smartest… Everything online, everything easy, everything you need for all-inclusive billing.

We help letting agents save time and make money by taking the stress out of all-inclusive utility billing.

With UtiltyMix less really does make you more!

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Active management

Our online portal allows you to control your portfolio 24/7.
Core features include:
• company and property dashboards
• notification-based task lists
• usage analysis for individual utilities
• comparative data, year-on-year
• integration with smart devices

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Notifications worth noticing

Estimated annual budget

Based on seasonal variances and regional averages, we’ll forecast each property’s estimated budget for the year. We’ll send you alerts if usage exceeds what it should.
Fair-usage allowance

Build a fair-usage allowance into your budget. We’ll monitor this to protect against excessive energy consumption.

Smart, smarter, smartest…

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Smart meters for every property

Working in partnership with our suppliers, we’ll install second generation smart meters in your properties, giving you greater control over tenants’ spending, while enabling us to identify, address and manage inefficiencies.

Smart devices controlled remotely

Energy saving doesn’t have to be a chore; let our technology do it for you. We can connect to existing devices such as smart thermostats, lighting and movement sensors and control them remotely using our platform.

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All Part of the Service

We are able to contract between 1 and 12 months.

Switch to a low standing-charge contract within 5 days if a property becomes empty, to keep costs down.

Every customer has access to a dedicated account manager to deal with any queries.

Direct access to suppliers’ broadband support for tenants.

We can get temporary broadband installed, as required.

Switch off broadband remotely if tenants fail to pay.